Maxi & Chris Garden’s Post-Eurovision Career

Based on Germany 1988
Maxi & Chris Garden — Lied für einen Freund

We look all sweet and big
We know we do
We seem like we want glee
As we want to
Fuck you

We can come to your house
You are our Duke
You can be our Third Reich
Until we puke

And so with you
A threesome treat is like a joint
We really do
Want to undrape at any cost
When you are nursed, let us know
We’ll take things slow

Loins set aflame for you
Flee and join our party
Coins are nice but we strongly advise
MasterCard or alike

A wig incurs a fee
As does a meal
Talk is cheap but it’s linked
To our gag rule

Just know our view
We’re not inbreeders nor disjoint
We need this too
But keep in mind for your next call
When you put down enough dough
We can be though