I Love Potatoes

Based on Switzerland 1982
Arlette Zola — Amour on t’aime

Other people like their bread
Vol-au-vents and camembert
Simple flavours, basic to the core
I prefer more noble food
Something hearty yet so good
I would never ask for more

I love potatoes
They are the greatest
Vegetable roots filled with nutrition of them all
I love potatoes
Adore potatoes
Say, have you ever had something as wonderful?

Every morning starts with chips
Brush my teeth in vodka sips
I can never seem to get enough
Let me swim in fried croquettes
Shower me in pommes duchesse
All the mash in the whole world

I love potatoes!
Simply potatoes
They came to Europe around 1591
Rich in thiamine
They’ve named a famine
These starchy tubers they have simply got it all

Spud spud spud… spud spud spud
Spud spud spud spud spud spud spud spud
Spud spud spud spud spud spud spud spud
Spud spud spud!

I love potatoes!
But hate tomatoes
They are the nastiest of all the solanums
Unlike potatoes
I munch potatoes
With names like Bintje, Desiree and Blue Congo

I’m not obsessed, no
Just the high priestess of the Baked Potato God
I love potatoes!
I gorge potatoes
I’ll love potatoes till the very day I’m gone
Then bury me beneath a nice potato farm