Based on Luxembourg 1974
Ireen Sheer — Bye Bye I Love You

*Mournful balalaika*

You never did appreciate our special ways
We never thought you’d fall so low
And with a smile and satisfied we can now say
we will deprive your little show of greatness never known!

We ourselves wanted to leave, but our many friends would miss us
They say you never deserved us. So it’s time for you to hear:

Bye-bye, EBU! See you!
We’ve fulfilled the dreams of Belarusians, no more ESC!
Our involvement always was against better judgement
It was pain. Think us fools? No more songs, not from us!

All those clerks who do your will – you should send them en vacances
They will be mocked in Genève but it won’t end BTRC!

Such a farce. So sad to see. We are sorry for your leaders
We will save millions of euros, you will cry for tens of years!

Bye-bye, EBU! Boo-hoo!
Have you knocked yourselves out fabricating more atrocities?
It’s you, not we, who need to be saved from yourselves now,
from the shame, fan abuse, PR wars – and from us!

Bye-bye, EBU! Fuck you!
Servants of a garbage ruling elite. False, low-quality
propaganda worthy of a cult of old Brezhnev
Watch yourselves, what you do, now that you’ve messed with us
Because you’ll rue the day that you made of us an enemy –
we, the invincible Belteleradiocompany!