Bob’s Mine

Based on Portugal 2014

Wa wa way, wa way
Wa wa way, wa way

Not mere fashion-smell, it's real father-sell
Have a desire to take you up for a meal
We'll be a kiss-and-tell, a real dapper pair
I have a heart and bod to you I wanna sell

Cos you are my Douwe, oh oh oh ohhh
Yes you are the Douwe, oh oh oh ohhh
You queer-o, yes, you are my gay bi-boy my P.R.
Hell you are my Douwe gobbling eel several times

Oh you are my Douwe woh oohhhh
Douwe Egbertsy Douwe, oh hohhhhh
I want to serve You up with an orange in a jar
And yes I can do that when you take me in your bar

Wa wa way, wa way
Wa wa way, wa way

Douwe's a certain look, bad boy's eye, token meat
Heaven's a car-park dusted under your gay medium
I want to bathe within your corporal punishment
A sexy man, a mini set-up, dirty tear

'Cos it is my Douwe - hooh ooh wwooooh
I still fancy Douwe -- hoh oooh oooh
It's just still Douwe who is turning me around
And it is just Douwe who is making me be loved

I wanna see Douwe - oh hohhhhhh
I'm in love with Douwe - oh hoooooh
A careful screw-up of the middle of the shah: -
It happens round Douwe when he dips into a bath

Wawaahhh weeegh wahweh
Wawaahhh weeegh wahweh

I wanna see Douwe, oh…
Douweeeh, aaaai!

I wanna see you-eh, ohooohhh…
Spend moments with Douwe, wohooooh…
'Cos I perceive you as a soldier in a car
And then stripped naked with a real sense of love

I wanna kiss Douwe , woh hoohhhh
My bouncy fit Douwe, wohhhhoohhh
And I'll see Douwe, common knowledge, he's a man
I've gotta see Douwe, put some cheese on his waaah!