A Lost Voice

Based on Estonia 2013

Well, what can I say?

You’ve almost completed building this vessel of yours

Standing tall, much like your faith
At more than three hundred cubits
Of gopherwood hue

But I doubt, my love

In your fortitude
Have you ever stopped to think? Or counted the cost?

Where is the forest where we met and fell in love?
Seven tears of sorrow hide themselves from you

“My given task, set by God’s Voice,” you say
“There comes God’s Wrath,” you say

Your gods now speak of animals?!?

“Yes, two by two,” so you say

I’ve been more than a wife
I cultivate land, mend the rafters, while tending your wounds
I don’t mind, I’ll do as you say

Bearing the dust storms you’ve started
With stoic embrace

Yet I doubt, my love

In your certitude
Would you pardon me these thoughts? Or cast them as sins?

Where is the charming man who swept me off my feet?
Seven tears in silence nurse these shoots to grow

“Be quiet and abide God’s Words,” you say
“I have God’s Grace,” you say

You must see how that makes you sound!?!

Where…where is the sense that we can build a world brand new?
Seven tears of horror fear for our sons too

“No wicked words! Obey like us,” they say
“We’re sure he’s right,” they say

My dear I’ve cried a Flood for you

Did your gods task that to me?