Based on Austria 1993
Tony Wegas - Maria Magdalena

I was a ballerina
In my dream last night
And that bloody tutu was so tight!

No idea why not danseur, ballerina instead
Maybe I have hidden kinks like that
We were dancing on Munich stage, Marlene felt outdone
She started to tear the flowers, screamed, dressed as nun

Cockroach or a beetle
There was something on the floor
Blonde girl in the middle stepped on
Fart bug, killer odour!

"Since I'm a ballerina..." I thought in hindsight
"...down there should be a gina" gotta check if it's right
I tried to reach my Tina, just a vain effort
It was that dream thing, you try but fall short

Then the scene changed, we're in Brussels
Viktor's announcing...
Can't see her face, earrings way too big
Song starts playing - Israel's turn, that's a fun duet
Me and three girls pull a pirouette

I twirled too fast, darn pointe was torn
My big toe popped out
Lotta Engberg gave me her shoes
She said they could float

The stage is now arena, many bulls in sight
One of them tossed my Tina, threw me up so high
Found myself in Verona, it was dark at night
Did jeté on streets till the morning light

Why was I ballerina? I don't like ballet...
Must be too much coquina, what a dream, a nightmare!
"Sweated till my Tina" - that was my first thought *cries*
It turned out I've been peeing all night looong... aaarrgh