Eduardo Leiva vs Patricia Kraus: The Truth


Press release:
June 30th 2024

Netflix Estonia is pleased to announce FEUD EUROVISION, a new musical series where Estonian singers and actors re-enact famous Eurovision rivalries. As a teaser, we are proud to show you the lyrics for the first song of the first chapter. In that first chapter, Stig Rästa depicts Eduardo Leiva, a talentful musician and conductor of orchestra that had to deal with his worst job to that date: Conduct the orchestra in Eurovision 1987 for the Spanish entry “No estás solo” sung by an inexperienced artist called Patricia Kraus (depicted by Elina Born), who happens to be the daughter of a very famous Opera singer. This segment shows what happened when Eduardo met Patricia for the first time to the music of “Goodbye to yesterday”.

Eduardo Leiva vs Patricia Kraus: The Truth

Based on Estonia 2015
Elina Born and Stig Rästa — Goodbye to Yesterday

[Verse 1: Eduardo Leiva, alone]

I was contacted by TVE
They told me that they had a winning song this year
Sang by a stablished singer with a great voice
I put my Walkman on
The demo is playing but I can only hear noise
then I realize this is the actual song

[Chorus: Eduardo and Patricia Kraus appearing behind him]

This is the worst song I’ve ever heard
It sounds like random noise and screams
There’s no way somebody would vote for this

Just shut up and stop that crap!
It’s just that you don’t understand my art
it was highly praised by my dad
who’s a freaking big star

[Verse 2: Patricia, alone]

What’s this man talking about?
Yeah, it’s a bit risky but a solid song
that everybody will surely appreciate.

The soothing music and my voice
together with the lyrics that I wrote
will make the audience stand and applaud

[Chorus: Eduardo and Patricia]

I still think that your song is shit
I just don’t care who your father is
He won’t get you any votes unless he pays the Greeks

Why are you so mean to me?
I promise I’ll work and do my best
so let’s rehearse and try to win
to win it for Spain

You are just fooling yourself
your vocals are mediocre at best
So not even your father can save this mess
Why don’t you just do your work?
Just conduct the orchestra and forget the rest
I’ll just buy votes and try to win
to win it for Spain
to buy it for Spain
to win it for Spain