Marco Polo

Based on Cyprus 1987
Alexia — Aspro mavro

Remember playing in the pool in summer?
You’d close your eyes and have to find the others
So much fun… paired with ESC!
So when I heard that someone was in Venice
I thought, “That’s perfect! Surely this will make his day!” So…

Marco Mengoni in a Lido resort, the full five stars
Found him poolside, watched him get in and I knew the fun could start
When I jumped in he fell off his blow-up unicorn
“You are Marco, I will be Polo!” Know what he did? He swore!

I soon found out how he responds to ‘threats’ – he
insisted that he’d call carabinieri!
Time to leave! I mean Italy
Decided I should cross the nearest border
And try again. I hoped that I’d have more fun there. So…

Eva Boto, in Novo Mesto, alone on a towpath
One would think that, given the setting, she’d know how to swim, but
When I pushed her in the river? Couldn’t even float!
To my “Marco…?” there came no “Polo” as she just flailed and choked

Sopping-wet Eva spewed, “How I despise you!” Time to go!
Head south? Not sure how far. You never know what you’ll find on the road…

Damir Kedžo sprawled on a lilo, relaxing in Zadar
That’s until I give him a push and he ends up out quite far!
It’s quite windy, so I wonder just how far he’ll go
Who knows? I hope Italy’s coastguards will find him from their boats…