Deliveroo Rider

Based on Sweden 2023
Loreen — Tattoo

** cycling – changing gears… **

I’ve a heavy load
It’s rainy and I’m cold
Business is a crime
We hardly get a dime

This hill will never end
The distances they send
Minimal, they say…
The wheels of aching pain… Aaagghhh…

My limbs failing,
With these orders weighing
Dodging cars colliding
Death beware!

So unaware I’m gonna fall
They won’t get anything at all!
You think it’s easy-clicking food?
Yet guys like me Deliveroo

Riding the wrong way down a lane
With two flat tyres, it’s insane!
You think your order’s coming soon?
Yet guys like me Deliveroo

Bewildered, I check now…
My bag is too full!
I’ve got a whole load of cans,
A bucket of wings,
An olive baguette!

Silence straining,
And the strange design means
It has torn the lining of my bag!

I’m chock-a-block, I’m going to fail
I’m riding slower than a snail!
You swipe, you wait, you want your food?
Yet guys like me Deliveroo!

Probably fired, I left at eight
I’m gonna be a little… late…
You pay your fee to get it chewed
Yet guys like me Deliveroo



With splatted hair, covered in mud
Sirens blaring, so much blood
In shock despair I check my wound
Yeah, guys like me Deliveroo
Oh please don’t stare, it’s just a sprain
I’ll cycle through it, won’t complain
Make way, back off and let me through
Yeah guys like me Deliveroo

All is fair in love and grub! ooohhh…
Yeah, a low fare’s still a job!
So guys like me Deliveroo