Little-Known ESC Histories

Based on Iceland 2008
Euroband — This Is My Life

You might remember Debbie Scerri
That all she wanted was to fly
But there’s one thing I’m sure you don’t know
She was, all the time, capable of human flight!

No word of lie! She was born with bat-like wings
Hidden from sight. Like a plane, she could soar and swing

But she was deemed a danger and she
Was banned by the Maltese authorities
Grounded for life, over land and sea ☹

That Danish guy who sang in Moscow?
Hmm! Well he had secrets of his own
Though he had never gained a physics degree
Still he worked hard and he built a machine with which he

Went back in time to his days of innocence
But crossed a line (got in some strife), made mistakes and killed mini-Brinck

Accidently, but still it meant he
Changed history, messed with causality
Undid his life – and his own entry!

Brinck and Debbie’s unknown histories
Though they sound crazed
Are far from uncommon or all that strange. No!
Tip of the ice!

Naked wolf guy? Oh! Belarusian loup-garou
Ted Johnson’s wife? (From ’59) Poor Pearl Carr was half-oyster. True!

Merethe could see she’d score 23
Tania from Greece? Chaplin reborn, you see
Mock all you like! They all lead
Such wondrous lives!