Indecent Proposal

Based on Luxembourg 1992
Marion Welter and Kontinent — Sou fräi

In rehearsal week
Kept stumbling on this charmer
Lucky me, as he
Was iwerall indeed
With his Southern poise
Bow tie, moustache, and glasses

He liked I was sweet
He liked I was neat
He liked me for me
Made me feel so free

After all the flirt
He came with his proposal
His indecent words
Were music to my ears
Unexpected much
But so extremely tempting!

That’s why I agreed
That’s why I would cede
That’s why I would kneel
I would seal the deal

Now the day has come
When he will prove his realness
Said he’d have my back
And bring a special gift
So, it’s time to see
If he will keep his promise

Tonight, I feel thrilled
Tonight, I’m fulfilled
Tonight, such a treat…
Mission Swap complete!

(No nil points at least!)
So nice
Helped twice
(Gave us ten apiece)
Christer was displeased
He… hihihi hihi!