Faulty Keyboard

Based on Poland 2006
Ich Troje feat. Real McCoy — Follow My Heart

(They’ve transcribed these songs
A little bit wrong)
Just one letter out
An error, no doubt

Austria – Kaleen is in a Cave
Latvia – will Follow all the way
And Luna – subterranean lakes
Have One Blond needing The Towel
Isaak is now Always on the Nun
The twins say she’s Nunforgettable
It seems that she’s disapproving of
France singing about ‘Man Amour’

Ireland’s song, Doomsday Blur, rocks,
Slovenia’s Veronicas sounds more pop
Marina sings of Japan (had to check)
Like Denmark, Zard is a BAND

Finland can’t find Mules, but Silvester sees Elk
A Croatian Ram has arrived now as well
In their search for a meal Gåte won’t get far
So they’ll Halve a ham from the Özünlə Spar

(Because of this cull
A really bad call
5Miinust eat (gull))

Albania enjoy a renaissance
And Titian inspires other songs
Now Silia wants to learn King Lear
Before Mustii’s Part is Over
Lanora and Jago form a pact
Then Korra and Lizzy join their act
Megara have followed binary code
Their song is now called Fifteen, but

Seems Nemo wasn’t quite so fortunate
‘The Chode’ a title most impertinent
Still, that’s not where the crude changes end
Cause there’s ‘In the Piddle’ and ‘Poop’

The faulty keyboard means that occasionally
The wrong letter count exceeds just two or three
We’ve a Czechian Pedestrian, Israel’s Harry Kane
And Serbia’s Raymondo can’t fix it again

Think Mother Teresa joined the Mafia
Call the Europopo to ease our worst fears
Could be worse, Hera Björk appears Scared of Tights
And Tighter is sad now Nutsa Firetights

Where’s Portugal gone?
(Thought we were all done)
Why’s she not inside?
Greta’s sitting out!