Ethiopian Time

Based on Greece 2016
Argo — Utopian Land


We are proud Ethiopians
Did you know, we've thirteen months?
We are proud Ethiopians
Come and live Ethiopian time

In our country well the year is 2016
Because our calendar is different to the rest, see

There's 30 days, in almost all our months
Except the last one, which just has five (or six)

and we celebrate on 9/11 here
Muslim Africans, and all of us - it's our New Year
We gave a passport to Nelson Mandela
Crowned the messiah of the Rastafari - yeah

And the Ark of the Covenant
is under our protection
We have never been colonised
Though they tried (the Italians once)

Keep up
Midday is 6pm
And Midnight is 6am 'cos
We count our time from dawn to dusk
And our capital, we call it Addis Ababa
Above sea level the most in all of Africa

Obsolete, is your so-called '5G' here
Life is sweet for us way back living in yesteryear
That doesn't mean we don't look to what will come
Let us explain what brings us anticipation

Soon we'll see the Remainers win
Celebrate defeat of Trump
We will watch many Weinstein films
Can't wait to see how Game of Thrones ends

He'll soon step down, the Pres. of China Xi Jinping
(Xi Jinping Xi Jinping) Xi Jinping
Malena's daughter will focus on education
The world will not shut down
from now to 2021

ESC: only good will come
Except for poor Portugal
War will not have an influence
UK won't have their microphone stole

We will see a kinetic sun
It will turn without problem
EBU will do nothing wrong
No one will be disqualified, right?