A Modern Fairytale

Based on Slovenia 2002
Sestre — Samo ljubezen

Not many beauties in Tallinn
Like picking scraps out from the bin
From the gay bar
To gaydar.ee

We got good dick pics from some Greeks
Then saw their faces… they’ve got beaks

Cyrano thanks
Won’t give the password to our cheeks

It must be ugly week
In Tallinn’s nightclubs
What happened to all the sexy men?
Was Dave Benton not free
To cum on everybody?
We'd even take Tanel, it’s that bleak

Why not this one? Hey daddy!

Don’t waste your time hun, he likes shit

Some twat asked if we’re “really chicks”
Then sent a picture sucking dick

Asked “u sisters?”
Blocked him instantly

Russians round here look like pugs

Tragic → weird → eww → what the fuck?!

Ugly cocks too
The blond’s hung like a mouse

This Lithuanian
Looks happy naked

Shame his pics have all got that beret
We would’ve had his seed
But he’s just here to buy weed
Told him to piss off and try Sarit

Look who’s fresh on the scene!!!
Manuel Ortega!!! (Hoorayga!!!)

Begs don’t say a word, he’s not out yet
He came here for TV (he’s packing more meat than a wurst factory!)
He’s a big fan of us three
Told him come and get some new CDs

Finally some decent