Simple Pleasures

Based on Croatia 2022
Mia Dimšić — Guilty Pleasure

Drew within the lines when I was a young kid
In auctions on eBay I’m always outbid

Too risk-averse to cycle, never liked George Michael (I preferred Andrew Ridgeley)
I get palpitations drinking caffeinated tea

By the standards others use to measure
Things that I enjoy are simple pleasures
Maybe I’ll find that people adore me if I stop being so boring

Feel my reservations set me apart
In a world of line graphs I’m a bar chart
It would be rather romantic if someone swept me away

But please not today, I’ve got ironing to do
Must clean the bidet… can this love just wait?

Met him at the till at a furniture store
I gave him wood when he asked to scan my drawers

Six foot two with glasses, hair dark like molasses
Don’t know what he saw in me
Feel appreciated when I’m in his company

This year we’ve done things I’d never dreamed of
We won big at a Vegas casino
Kidnapped a pet snake in the Spring Mountains
Fell in the Bellagio fountain

At the end of it I feel exhausted
Didn’t want to do all that – he forced it
How could I begin to tell him that I’d like us to part ways?

Is it a mistake?
Why'd you run away?
Is this the way to live life?
Are the things I hate
What about our snake?
Those that others crave?
Please don't leave today
Told him I had to slow down
Shared our belongings, half each way
Moitié, moitié
Feel bad for the snake 'cause we used a sharp knife…

Six months on and I’m no longer tired
Hibernation is what I required
Sometimes I get lonely now I know things are no easier on your own

I’d still like someone to spend my days with
Can’t help feeling that I’m just like a sieve
Trying to catch love but it slips away
So I call him and say, say, say

Can we meet again?
You mean for a date?
Maybe just for a quick drink,
At mine you could stay
You're sure that's OK?
But make no mistake
Can I come today?
It will be different this time
Wish you had just said to me
In my comfort zone I will stay
Love you either way
And this time I'll choose the pets
What do you suggest?
Maybe just mice?