Based on Azerbaijan 2013
Farid Mammadov — Hold Me

Should have been suspicious when I saw it 🧐
Should have had the sense that I’d got something wrong ❌
It was looking greener than expected 🟢
No text on the page 📄
Just basil and sage 🍃

An innocent typo ⌨️
My finger slipped and when I looked around 👀
My writing aid was nowhere to be found 😕
I searched for some verbs 🔎
I only got herbs 🪴

ThymeZone 🌿
It’s not RhymeZone 🚫
No lyric hints – only parsley and mint ⁉️

My, how it beguiled, though 🥰
So I crafted some songs 🎶
With a plant lexicon 📖
Called ThymeZone 🌿

“Dill-e que la quiero”? Could be better 🤔
“One Step Out Of Thyme” felt to me rather obvious 🤷‍♀️
“Fennel en aarde”? An improvement 💪
“Celery est cadeau” 😊
“Better The Chervil You Know” 🤩

ThymeZone 🌿
Left my mind blown 🤯
Made every line aromatic, divine 🥗

“Djambo Oregano” 🎋
“Only Lovage Survives” 🌳
“Get A Life – Get A Chive” 🌱

But soon I couldn’t stop the puns 🤡
Compulsion grew, my mind was gone 🤪
“Tarragon är en annan dag” …oh no 😬

“Ime cilantropos ki ego” 😒
“Bay After Bay”, “Mintention”, “Grow” 😵
“Je vais me marier, Marjoram” 🥴
“Rosemary Ann” 😱

ThymeZone 🌿
That one typo 💻
Destroyed my soul 💔
Made me lose all control 🎮

ThymeZone 🌿
Sent me psycho 🤬
Shot a mall up with rage 🔫
Landed on the front page 📰

Of CrimeZone 👮🚨