28 March 1996

Based on Greece 1998
Thalassa — Mia krifi evesthisia

Germany has not qualified
Not among the twenty-two
Leon’s long-play cassette tape
Thrown away. Did not meet juries’
Expectations. Now he’s been shunned

Four points short. What were they thinking putting Sveta Ljubav through?
‘Her voice soared’ – Are you kidding me? It plateaued. Musically: pooh!
Contemptible. Despicable

Fortuna was cast aside for Sjúbídú
Thought Kun med dig was good? Experts said no. Preferred Del Bo
Dan Ar Braz brought nasty sounding Celtic flutes
Somehow that one got through
But not Shalom Olam

Germany has not qualified
Nor our Anghel, Monica
TV ratings now will collapse
It’s a fact. Grup Sincron
Was a big draw. Now the show’s flawed

Kým nás máš? That poxy bland mid-tempo tune?
Viewers won’t be enthused, although his coat deserves a vote
Samo Ti. Cute jazzy song crashed out too soon
(Met with joy in Corfu)
Hard luck. Not in the show

Ya eto ya
Unworthy of the EBU
Litigation ensues
Prelims by audio shall be scrapped