Sweet Kingdom

Based on Austria 2016
Zoë — Loin d’ici

As I am sleeping, I’m dreaming of dessert
Though I’m on a diet, you see.
My dietician said “meals that are fat free”
But I can’t hold on, so I scream!

Banoffee with a lot whipped cream
And then some choc’late chip cookies
Huge sundae with five scoops ice cream
I want them, I need them.
Big cheesecake and fruit marmelade
Or maybe well burnt crème brûlée
An extra fat vanilla shake
I’m doomed now.

What am I doing? He said “no sugar”, damn!
Natalia sung “Give me some”.
But maybe she meant those sugar supplements
Hell what does she know? Nothing.

Brown sugar does not taste the same
It is a lie that people say.
It’s 4 AM but I don’t need sleep
I need that sweet feeling.

Fudge brownies or red velvet cake
Tiramisu with no caffeine
All these desserts got me thinking
Is this just a dream?

Oh no, I see the fridge, it’s empty
I dress up, find the keys
Driving off to my sweet kingdom!

I take the car, now I see
That it’s all dark in the city
Where will I find my sweet pastry?
All shops have long closed!
Found a store with no alarms
I pick the lock, I’m such a scum
Grab out my spoon, attack that cake
Delicious, nutritious!

I ate some sweets
I fell asleep
The morning came
I’m still here, oh damn man!
The owner came he is angry
– ‘’I’ll call police!”
– “Oh please dear sir this is absurd
I will refund!”