Based on Ireland 1990
Liam Reilly — Somewhere in Europe

It's been a vile scourge all down through the ages
In ink of crimson throughout history’s lengthy pages
A predator that stalks us across land, sea and air
Whose sly venom brings forth ruin and despair

Once more for spite's sake, it has reared its ugly head
Did it start in February? Or eight years ago instead?
Combat is for certain, but "special” - that's not right
Let us speak only truth: there's some war in Europe tonight

Had you heard of Bucha town? How 'bout Mariupol as well?
Or even Borodyanka too ...before they were all bombed to Hell?
Homes and schools ravaged, they are surely crimes of war
How come war itself is not against the law?

What of the people who believe these wrongs are right?
Did they hear the bombs explode as the refugees took flight?
Maybe conned by fake news, the story of our times
Must it forever be so: there’s some war somewhere?

What gets a mention on social network apps?
Quite often Gaza or Syria perhaps
But what of Tigray or Yemen, Papua or Paraguay?
And lists like this, so coldly plain, barely stir much hue and cry

Where is the logic? Or a reason for the death?
Some say it's for liberty, the downtrodden's shibboleth
Or a leader's lust for land that caught his eye
If there could only be peace, all this war nonsense would die

Is hope deluded that they'd throw their guns away?

Life is never black and white
No, it's tangled shades of grey

An unnerving echo, a Lebensraum of sorts
Now seeks to maul and consume Donbas and Black Sea resorts

What, then, is Europe's refrain?

We #StandWithUkraine