Every Third Saturday of the Month

Based on Germany 1986
Ingrid Peters — Über die Brücke geh’n

I grab a book – Death of Ivan Ilyich
But I feel this pain, whine like an addict
Then it absconds! It’s clear wine is cruel when I’m down
Nearly beginning, it’s 9 or thereabout – Here we go!

#EurovisionAgain, what year are we to sustain?
I open Twitter and grab a pen to start writing
Can no longer feel zen! Upcoming hours in pain
Already trending; to be precise in a part of Israel

The telecast starts with Te Deum pride
But what’s the plan? Depicting homicide?!
It’s just too weird! Reeks like pandering to the mob
No extra graphics – I want my Contest pure, oh no!

#EurovisionAgain, too dumb to read? Just insane!
Meanwhile on Twitter: no one knows when to start voting
Now the results are in! Winter has now just begun
As the whole ranking is paradise for the tasteless, all expelled!!!

#EurovisionAgain, ReorderBoard puts a stain
My vital organs fail as the lands don’t stop moving

As the wrong country wins, I know for sure: I am done
I want to thank all who killed my night and my voice, cause’ I have yelled
See you next month in hell!