Sarah Bray

Based on Ukraine 2020
Go_A — Solovey

Dress is purple, voice is mellow
Orchestral performance – less so
Sounds like an unpolished demo
Butchered by a blatant twang

Yet she sang on, never croaked
Other singers would have choked
Then high praise when Toto spoke
“Complimenti”, ain’t no joke

Teeth are perfect, polished white
Lovely Luxembourgish eyes
Earrings with a metal shine
Born and raised in Heinerscheid

Think I’m gonna be her stan
Have her doll for talisman
Make the fandom understand
That her real name’s Mick Wersant

“Sarah Bray, Sarah Bray, straightens out your wrinkles”
Seems she’s had a change of jobs, no-one bought her single
Sarah Bray saturates barren skin with ointments
Mailed her l’Institut Balance to book me an appointment

🛫 ~ Flies to Luxembourg ~ 🛬

‘Bout the stan thing, I’ll be silent
Say I came here for her talent
Eurofan? She might say no
Je cherche un traitement de peau

Yass! I’ve met her at the spa
“Pour le soin des mains, n’est-ce pas?”
Quite a costly wellness plan
Work away on my spine..

.. stiffness in my neck, so ..
.. give me some reflexo ..
.. oil up my whole body ..

Sarah Bray, Sarah Bray, that’s not what I came for!
But she keeps massaging on, with impressive great force
Sarah Bray, should I say, you’re my childhood goddess?
Steal a small kiss? Ask for selfie? Or just get some botox?

Sarah Bray, Sarah Bray, Must-go place near Mensdorf
Wiped away my varicose, waxed my stubborn hair off
Sarah Bray, safe to say, there’s no disappointment
I just cannot praise enough her institut de beauté