Based on United Kingdom 1959
Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr — Sing Little Birdie

Itch, itch, itch go our trigger fing-, fing-, fingers

Sergeants Karen and Kyle
We’re with Tucson PD
We’re just here in the ghetto coz your cousin is a thief
It’s his third stolen car
So we need all the deets
And down here in the ghetto y’all love to spill the tea

Now, just a moment! What “lynch mob”?
We’re just here to do our job
Ma’am, keep your voice down!
Don’t blame us, it’s all on your cuz

So then, this is your chance
Just give us what we need
Or we’ll place all your children in protective custody
Coz we’ve heard ’bout your past
One more charge is strike three
And we’ll make sure you go down for twenty to thirty

Sing, little birdie, shop your cuz!
He won’t hear your name from us
Ask who deserves it
One of y’all’s gonna take the fall

Are you really surprised we’ve your cuz in our sights?
Yes, he fits the description! Witness called him “some black guy”
Ma’am, you’re being absurd
And we’re armed, as you see
Two white peeps in the ghetto? Of course we’re packing heat!

Cease and desist!
Put down your phone, and drop the aggressive tone!
Ma’am, all lives matter – even yours
That’s why we have laws

No further warnings! Filming’s banned!
Turn around and raise your hands!
Please don’t resist, ma’am, or we’ll just