The Dawn

Based on Denmark 1979
Tommy Seebach — Disco Tango

It snuck upon me, hit me to the core
Dark like Dementors, vibe like Voldemort
And looking back it must have festered for decades, I guess
(for decades I guess)
A lovely cocktail of anxiety, trauma and stress
When you grow up in a community
That worships God in all severity
But you don't feel at home, your soul slowly withers away
(slowly withers away)
And all you want is freedom until one day you escape
Break free and never look back

Nervous breakdown, in a flash
The lights went out, an uppercut, a crash
An explosion of howls and tears, then stop
And there is no more air, no laughter and no hope
Thought life fell right into place
Was flying on my freedom, up in space
But my subconscious screamed and kicked and spat:
A nervous breakdown, how 'bout that?

* floats in nothingness *

Nervous breakdown, so what now?
Can't Expecto Patronum it somehow
Just like in Life Of Pi, I'm lost at sea
The trauma tiger growls - my lifeboat: therapy
As I start to see the light
At the end of the tunnel, not quite bright
My shoulder angel whispers: Just hold on
It's darkest right before the dawn.