Off-Season Prediction Game

Based on Malta 1972
Helen & Joseph — L-imħabba

We bet our house on Toše Proeski
And spent the next two years in a tent
Then Roger Cicero bombed unfairly
And once again our savings were spent

But now we’ve got some more predictions
The kinks have all been fixed, we had our forecasts mixed
We can foresee deadly afflictions
Somebody warn Barbara Dex, we’ve worked out she’ll perish next

We’re not that worried about James Newman
In fact the odds on him are dead last
The next to die of all British entrants
Is Bonnie Tyler in a gas blast

When did you last check Siw Malmkvist’s Wiki?
We’ll give you 2 to 1 that she’s dead
We can but hope that Jedward die quickly
But there’s more chance they’ll mitose and spread

At last, Senhit can be a winner
We’ll give you 6 to 1 for two of six4one
We set a private eye on Sigga
She’s got a bit of a limp, we’ve bet she’ll die in a blimp

We reckon Gerli will outlive Tanel
And both the Vissis will die at once
We used to call up singers to warn them
But in response, they just called us cu...

[Unscheduled orchestral interruption]

It’s almost morbid ranking juniors
But it’ll take the sting off Bzikebi drowning
Those early ones drop dead like boomers
Nicolas Ganopoulos was nabbed by an albatross

There’s breaking news that Riccardo Fogli still in great health at ninety eight
That is a little bit of a downer
I guess the anthrax we sent is late

Well not to worry, we’re both dead too