Hate Song

Based on Spain 2007
D'NASH — I Love You Mi Vida

(hey hey, ho!)
(hey hey, ho!)

I don’t know, what came over me
You were cute and a charmer too
so before I knew, you had moved in too
we even got a doggie

But soon after that, things went very wrong
I found condom boxes, that we hadn't used
so tell me cabrón, where are all they now
are they all used somewhere else

I swear I will find them one day
and catch you in the act so cabrón

I hate your guts baby (yes I do)
you’re nothing but rubbish, a big pile of shit
you fucked all the neighbors, you fucked the 3 doormen
and the milkman too, and the postman too

I hate your guts baby (yes I do)
You took all my money, drove off in my car
you took out a loan, in my fucking name
and left me for good, and left me for good

(hey, hey, ho!)

I keep finding out, what you did to me
you fucked my best friend, and her girlfriend too
you sold my good china, you auctioned my ring
the one from our wedding

Get ready you huge motherfucker
Cos I’m coming right after you

I hate your guts baby, (yes I do)
You’re nothing but garbage, a huge pile of shit
But I’ve caught your scent now, nothing will stop me
I’ll find you, I know- I’ll find you, I know

I hate your guts baby (yes I do)
I went to the dealer’s and bought me 8 guns
Go to the range daily, and practise on targets
with your face on them, with your face on them

(hey, hey, ho!)
I hate your guts baby
(hey, hey ,ho!)

It wasn’t that hard, after all
All I had to do was follow the string
of discarded condoms, all 900 of them
time for the showdown, cos we’re nearing dawn

Got something to tell me, you cabrón!
I’m ready to shoot you, right there on the balls
but you aren’t worth it, so give me my money
and leave me for good, and leave me for good