Your Skin

Based on Austria 1957
Bob Martin — Wohin, kleines Pony?

Your skin is an organ like no other
It’s made out of protein, fats and water
Controls sensation
Heat regulation
It’s quite resistant
And flexible

Your skin can be moistured to look nicer
Though some people bleach it to be whiter
Some say it’s private
And chose to hide it
While others show it
As much they can

It can be brown
It can be light
It can be pale
If you feel fright
It's tone depends
On your genome
Millions of mites
Call it their home

Your skin is a tissue most compelling
A bite from a spider might cause swelling
Some parts are hairy
But necessary
It's not a sin
It's only your skin!

It can be rugged
It can be smooth
It can be stretched
To mimic youth
If in the sun
It can get tanned
Or really burnt
And you'll be dead

Your skin is what keeps your form together
Without it your fluids would escape it
So please protect it
Do not neglect it
And keep in mind

Your skin needs your love!