Based on Turkey 1982
Neco — Hani

NECO: Army of Queens:
Something's been on my mind What's up, honey?
Think it's kinda sublime Go on, honey!
Seems like all of the time We say honey?
So I simply must ask Oh shoot, honey!
Is it trendy or task Trendy, honey!
Self indulgence or mask? It's both, honey!
At first when I heard it I felt
That it sounded quite condescending
Then you kept saying it and it turned to
Something that I can't explain
Like I'm under a spell Magic, honey!
Dreams of gold and pastel Pastels, honey?
You're the ghost, I'm the shell So dark, honey!
So tell me what did you do? What now, honey?
Maybe you're some kind of shrew? You bet, honey!
Or simply Winnie The Pooh? A bear, honey!
There's no choice, I've got to chime in
Look at me, I feel ready
Straighten my shoulders, I take a deep breath
World look out, and feel my sass!
World look out, and feel my sass!
Honey, honey!
Honey, honey!
Honey, honey!
Can't help heaving a sigh Honey!
Tiny tear in my eye Honey!
Happily I comply Honey, honey, honey!
Makes you sound really kind Chi Chi, honey!
Even kinda refined Posh Spice, honey!
Perfectly well designed Tim Gunn, honey, honey, honey!
Hey hey hey hey…
Love how you make me soar Fly high, honey!
Now I only want more! Greedy, honey!
Oh you're the cum, I'm the whore! Calm down, honey!