Michael Teschl Sucks at Wordle

Based on Denmark 1999
Michael Teschl and Trine Jepsen β€” This Time I Mean It

*Trine gently weeps*

Michael Teschl sucks at Wordle

*Trine weeps some more*

Yes, I know what it's all about! I just can't friggin’ figure out…
Simple words from the ESC. My first try, and it's not "BITTI"


All I have is a yellow "I”, no ideas for my second try
No, wait, "MUNDO"! My guess number two


Now I have a misplaced "U"

I guess I just suck hard at Wordle. Can’t think of five letter words
Everyday it’s such a hurdle! I always fail, and it hurts
Everyone else shares their row of green hearts, in just two, three or four attempts
I'm just such a "CLOWN" at this Wordle


Not a single letter's right

Oh, come on! Change your attitude! Be a man, grow the fuck up dude!
You just need a brand-new approach! Now come on, let me be your coach

You know the word has an "I" and "U", think of words that contain those two

Oh, like "ADIEU"! I’m sure that’s it!


Now my "I" and "U" both fit!!!

I used to think this game was too hard, this time I’m doing just fine
I have this feeling in my heart, it’s time to rise and to "SHINE"!


The first three are green! That has never happened, and I know the last letter too!
All I need to find is the fourth one, I’ll try "R" before the "U"


This time you finally did it! In all green it says "SHIRU"