Google Translate Meets Its Waterloo

Based on Sweden 1974
ABBA — Waterloo

Preface: In celebration of a recent court case win and this music video, Google Translate takes on the best song in Eurovision ever, if you believe the polls. Imagine, then, something going terribly wrong with ABBA’s digital avatars. This may well be what they would sing…

Well, here
To Waterloon
Napoleon was handed over

Yes, no
And I saw my future
My misfortune is the same

He puts historical books back on the shelves
It’s often repeated on the throne

Waterloon – I survived, you won the battle
Water is a warranty to love you on and on
Waterloon – I can’t run if I wanted to
Waterloon – I want you to look up my end
Go Go Va-Va-Waterloo!
King King King King King Andy
Big part

Yami tried to attach it, but it was too strong
Yeah, AI, that sounds pretty crap to me
I don’t care, BT is just like me.

And how do I get around?
I always lose weight

Waterlewd – Look for opportunities to get out of the war
Waterlewd – He promises to love you with pleasure
Waterlewd – I can’t drive if I want to
Facebook Dan – Learn about my contribution in you
Carnation Carnation Carnation Carol Waterloo
At last you’re headed to waterlook

So how do you write?
I always feel defeated

Witchcraft – I can’t run away when I want to
Waterloo – I know it’s my destiny to be with him
U-u-u-u-Waterloo – I finally met me at Waterloon

Yeah, AI, that sounds pretty shit to me
Looks like Waterloo isn’t for me either

Wow-wow-wow-wow-Waterlo – finally looked at Waterloo