Based on Norway 1976
Anne-Karine Strøm — Mata Hari

There are days I just can't make it even though I try to fake it
When a fish is my whole outfit, I’m the page one cover view
When I curled the barbell so low that I pulverized my big toe
In the end I’m in a talk show on the tragic and wonderful news
And for a while feel alive

Paparazzi, now a man, but every day a different gender
Paparazzi, look at me, I make love with a chicken tender
Give me a cash advance and you’ll get the first glance
You walk away laughing and leave me alone with my shame

As I feel like slowly dying, I know all my fans are crying
But it is too gratifying, life is never as the dreams
No more crimes, but in name only, I am still the one and only
Who could know how to remain free as I did – speculation ran rife
A private reel sealed the deal

Paparazzi, look at me, I have another fender-bender
Paparazzi, I am pregnant yet again, it’s the bartender’s
I’d have quite the romance if you’d just give me the chance
You’re not photographing, bereft of my chances for fame

Please come and see, I have died in loneliness, here comes the splendour
Paparazzi now consider me a human rights defender
All I see are my best of-clips – it’s like they’re taking the piss
The lie of the mourning, on par with the fright of my fame