La Strizza

Based on Estonia 2018
Elina Nechayeva — La forza

It’s quite the evening for me
My star will shine bright
They will be talking forever
About this magic night
I am quite certain
I’m on people’s lips
Then…tingling finger tips…

La strizza sneaks upon me…
Feel the tension grow…
Must get in and out of clothes
Must interrupt and make lots of funny jokes
Reality checks in
My blood pressure runs low
A sudden solitudine, and then lights off!

When they asked me to be hostess
I of course said ‘duh’
Cause I am full of girl power, forza signora
Singing, presenting
I can do it all
But little did I know
This ain’t San Remo

La–*wobbles slightly*–aaaaa strizza really got me!
On the floor, somehow
Missing half the voting, cow!
Quick, get me an infuse full of fructose now!
A dream turned to nightmare
But I’m back with a bang
I am Italian after all! Alora! Drama!