Gerard’s Regret

Based on Netherlands 1988
Gerard Joling — Shangri-La

Gay men!
Free me!
I am new, so help me out

It was on a beach day, I remember very clear,
That they invited and beguiled me
Their speedy lips, their greedy hands were over me
I was green as grass, so blue, startled at what I got in view

I’m a gay man, can you see me
I am new, please try me out


I need gay men, if you’d please me
I am new, just use me now

The Maspalomas dunes,
one afternoon in June
a simple invitation

Two gents, both well endowed
nobody else around
“Gay man, want a threesome?”
Who’d resist, I ain’t no fool

The Maspalomas dunes,
more joyful afternoons
life changing transformation

Gay men
Eat me
I am new, do ride me now


Gay men
Breed me
I am new, now wear me out!

Ooh oh oh oh oh oh
Ooh oh oh oh oh oh

Ooh oh oh oh oh oh
Ooh oh

I’ve been cruised, regret it now!