Based on Bulgaria 2018

Vote as you desire
The stakes are very high
You just pick the phone up
Wait, that’s too old, just text it.
Your favorite’s in danger
You can see it in the odds
Rehearsals haven’t been like
You thought, it smells like NQ.

Now you hope, it’s not worse, than at least
Seven other songs.
But deep down, you just know, that the envelope
Won’t make the correct call.

Still you watch despite the votes
So many tasteless votes
You watch beyond the votes
Don’t care ‘bout the results
We watch beyond the votes.

Estonia just made it
With another country song
Staging was amazing
Guess that’s why they made it

And now I, gotta try, to survive
Yet another fav’rite gone
And to fight, to point out, t’was the staging’s fault
It was a perfect song

Still I watch despite the votes
No regrets that I still vote
I know that I did vote
Even if it ranked dead last
I will keep on the vote
Will never stop the vote
Oh will never cease to vote
Yeah will just keep on the vote

And maybe someday
Now or far away
Results will comply with
My taste, my passions and my votes!