Alternative Marija

Based on Marija Naumova — Hey, Boy, Follow Me (Eirodziesma 2001)

🎺 🎺 🎺

There are so many faces
So many singers too
So many different phases
But this one is quite new

My latest aim for conquest
Might seem a little weird
‘Coz to a lyric contest cast
My interest has geared

I want to fornicate with
Each entry from this show
So here’s my latest mission:
I want to have them all

Hey Bot, follow me, if you wanna see my thighs
Hey Lys, though you’re dead, I’ll make you feel alive
Hey dear Sarah’le, let’s try out your advice
A prick request is imminent
So be my porcupine

I’ll drive across the country
Try Linda for the night
Hey, bald and hunky stranger
Rejuvenate my life!

And then I’ll have some lawyers
We can play with their balls
A game inside the Gardens
Or Giroud’s ‘arsenal’

A lustful time with Anri
And even poor Oto
Then quickies with a busker
Just blow my flute and go

🎺 🎺 🎺

Hey play sufferer, the full nudity is I
Hey John Worrington, babies are made tonight
Hey Tim, Ellie, Jack, I’ll be your tantric guide
There is no need to wash our hands
Cold toilet rolls suffice!

Hey ex-ballet girl, I want a piece of your butt
Hey plant slaughterer, sow me with your big nut
Hey poo from the zoo, with cubic beads we’ll play
So lacquer me like a settee
And let’s lay in some hay

Hey bird, place your face down by my Boeing gate
Hey board, refresh me, auto reload my page
Hey Jan, lick my block, let’s invite Massiel
Let’s rumble in potato chips
And then I’ll say farewell