Based on Ukraine 2021
Go_A — Shum

Every time I leave my house, I'm filled with fear and loathing
Will they be there on the corner, dressed in shabby clothing?
Homeless people aren't so bad, I find them rather funny,
I just hate musicians playing in the street for money.

Anger rising, patience being tested
I would like to see them all arrested
Playing, playing, playing, playing instruments at me
Failing, failing, failing, failing, they don’t impress me.


Barely stepped outside, I see a dirty violinist
In the park is perched a rather threatening-looking cellist
When I reach my office, there's a drummer in the lobby
Why can't all these people find a less intrusive hobby?

No no no no, I find to my horror
There's a flautist hiding in my desk drawer
"Hey you, hey you, hey you, hey you, stop it!" I hiss, and
Spray her, spray her, spray her, spray her, with a plant mister.

Busy morning, trying to forget this
But I hear a distant clarinetist
Where, oh where, oh where, oh where? My life is so unfair
Tell my boss I'm going home to sleep off this nightmare.



Help me someone, help me someone, can't you see what I see?
Why does no-one notice there's an orchestra behind me?
People stare as I run past, but only hear my screaming
Is the music just for me or am I only dreaming?

In my house I can't believe I'm seeing
A trombonist hanging from my ceiling
Pray, I pray, I pray, I pray, it's fiction not fact and
Run upstairs and in my room, and try to relax, but

No no no no, someone’s in my bedroom
A guitarist brandishing a plectrum
"So you, so you, so you, so you, thought you'd escape us?
Now you'll see what happens when you don't respect buskers…"