Based on Switzerland 1981
Peter, Sue & Marc — Io senza te

Laying on the white bed
Feel my teardrops grow
As the doctors told me
It's your time to go

Thought we had a lifetime
It was just a hope
Now I have to somehow
Live my life without you

I will miss you so
When you are gone
I shall cry a lifetime
And never forget

How can I go on?
Okay I might
Our years together
Frankly, were so-so

Now I can remember
How you made me sad
Once you stole my treadmill
Never gave it back

All the times you hurt me
Treated me like scum
Made me soggy pancakes
Broke my heart in two

Kindly rot in hell
(Kindly rot in hell)
I hope you’ll smell
(I hope you smell)
May you always suffer, and
Then burn so well
(In hellfire, yeah)

Worms will eat your face
Won’t miss your gaze
(Or stupid name)
You evil cretin
Soon you’ll be dead

May you rot in hell…

Worms eat your face…


Time to say farewell
Fat piece of pelt
(Fat piece of pelt)
Your time has come now
To face the end

Though once you were my
Lil’ hamster friend