Convectional Rainfall

Based on France 1992
Kali — Monté la riviè

Convectional rainfall

Occurs when moist earth absorbs heat
Evaporates up
And cools as it expands
Condenses as raindrops
In mid altitude

Can come down each day in Tonga,
Grand Cayman, Luzon
And other warm seas and
Heat is a must
As I'll demonstrate next

But your European latitude
Is too temperate
You can never have
Convectional rainfall

You may be upset you won't see
Such phenomena
But soon, do not despair
Convectional rainfall
Could be made at home

To start, just let cool air go in
The freezer may open
Or air conditioner
Keep a heated up bath
And drench some rags wet

Your toaster can thermal-radiate
If set to setting eight
To help evaporate
And leave it to fume
Then observe the clouds build, please
Don't tell that it failed
Wait, wait wait -
It rains in your living room!

🌧️ 🌧️ 🌧️

Convectional rainfall

⛈️ ⛈️ ⛈️

Is formed with a roaring thunder
Electric hazard, high intensity, yeah

Convectional rainfall

If you like to watch, a jacket
And an umbrella's a necessity, yeah

Convectional rainfall

Has made your house wet and messy
Gushed through to the flats
Downstairs, they will complain
Irreparably washed your carpet
And decimated your lacquered settee, yeah
I hope you have comprehensive insurance for that
Or else, at least you've had
Convectional rainfall