Road Trip! WOOO!

Based on Ukraine 2021
Go_A — Shum

Stuck inside for fifteen months now
I need a vacation
Hop into my red Corolla,
Drive across the nation
Find a friend or two to join me
(We’re all vaccinated)
From DC to Sacramento,
COVID has abated!

Hit the road now, driving through Virginia
Jason joins me, and my gal pal Linda
Driving, driving, driving, driving up Appalachians
Seeing, seeing, seeing, seeing many locations

West Virginia and Ohio
Pretty but quite boring
We hit the accelerator
Down the road we’re soaring
Make a stop in Indiana
At a bed & breakfast
(We’ve got a long drive tomorrow,
wanna look our freshest)

Illinois now, St. Louis it beckons
We swap drivers, Linda does these sections
Cruising, cruising, cruising, cruising right through Missouri
Stop again in Kansas City, we’re in no hurry!

It’s our third day, cornfields and nothing more
Flat as Kansas, nothing here to explore
Blasting Ukrainian techno on our stereo
Songs that keep our hearts a-pumpin’, now on to Pueblo!

It’s day 4 and Jason’s driving
As we hit the Rockies
Moving so fast we see nothing
Who gave him the car keys?
Single lane in both directions
He’s passing a semi
Linda and I exchange glances
Will this be how we die?

Mount Shavano looking down upon us
Enjoy the view while we are still conscious
Blasting, blasting, blasting, blasting Zitti e Buoni…
“Dammit, dammit, dammit, Jason, watch out for that tree!”

He avoids it, nervous laugh, he slows down
Round a corner, see a car that broke down
Blocking both lanes! Stop this car now! Instead we’re swerving
Falling, falling, falling, falling, off of a cliff. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!