Johnny Worries

Based on Azerbaijan 2021
Efendi — Mata Hari

Johnny Worries

A conductor
Anxious about a disaster
Laura will soon introduce him
In Teatro Real
Would he embarrass the singer
In front of all the spectators?
His career's on the line

His neurotransmitters
Are far out of balance
Making him wonder:
«What can go wrong during the song it will go wrong»

His name is Johnny Worries
And he worries
«My baton falls, we'll lose it all, it's all my fault»
He really really worries
On he carries:
«Boom Bang A Bang will sink and tank, I'll walk the plank, myself I'll hang»
So much worries

If they've won it
Lulu will want to get hammered
Tell him he shouldn't escort her
Will he find his hotel?
French delegation are staying
Next to them, can split a taxi
He'll implore Franck Pourcel

If Frida Boccara
Then gives him her number
Should he invite her?
«She looks like fun, is she the one, or just a stunt?»

So worries Johnny Worries
And he worries
«Will Frida's mum think I'm a bum? Or Scottish scum?»
What will they name their babies?
Move to Paris?
«Should focus on the current song, conduct along, I must be strong»
Yet he worries

Calm down, calm down, right now, right now
Conquer your doubts, or will somehow...

...Just like Garo Mafyan
Fuck up the rhythm (ihhh)
Like so:

*Mental image of unexpected fast conducting à la Şarkım Sevgi Üstüne (live version)*

You're way too fast, Johnny Worries
Lulu's aghast, gonna come last, why you hurry
Johnny Worries?