The Anti-Vaxxer Song (OH OH – Uh – OH OH)

Based on San Marino 2012
Valentina Monetta — The Social Network Song (OH OH - Uh - OH OH)

Ooh... ooh... (I lie)

Do you want to know what I just read?
As I was looking on the Internet?
The furore made me crave for more
And I couldn't ignore
The threats of the vaccine can't be undone
It can end the bloodstream of anyone
You won't find this in any book, simply take a look

Oh oh, ooh oh oh...
COVID is so overblown
Ooh ooh, ooh oh oh...
It's about the status quo

Do you wanna wage war against this trend?
From the island of Cyprus to Phnom Penh?
Speaking the truth is not allowed
The fake news is too loud!

Hello, ooh oh oh...
Even Google told you so

Mask’s on my chin, I have no sins
And a commuter is shaking and quaking here in the train
I say: ‘No fright, here’s an insight:
The global public debt, this I swear, it’s a crime, can’t repay!

Oh oh, ooh oh oh... (I lie)
COVID just hit a new low
Ooh ooh, ooh oh oh... (She catches)
It’s even quite good for snow

I don’t wear any gloves, you see
My immune system’s meant to be
Working just fine against this flu
Don’t you disagree!

Oh oh, ooh oh oh... (I lie)
Lockdowns are a stepping stone …
Legal framework, no (She catches)
To surveillance with a drone

Went jogging in London’s West End
Immune against the threat
Creeping and seeping through my best friend
She’s so petite
Friend’s on the street
And now she’s bugling, wriggling, struggling on concrete

Beep beep, ooh oh oh...
Now my friend is almost dead
Oh oh, don’t use fans...
Can’t believe she’s been misled

I tell her about politics
About all of their dirty tricks
As she’s hooked to a next machine
Don’t use ethylene!

Now her body is trembling, she’s done for
I embody the purge in Ecuador
You look gaudy, I need a pill
As I fall on the floor

Beep beep, ooh oh oh... (I lied)
I feel like I’m on death row
Ooh ooh, ooh oh oh... (It’s ratched)
Punished all because I know

How to make people queasy, hurt their skin
Now it can’t be undone, the China win
Can’t let go of this shred of doubt
That there’s just no way out

Ooh ooh, ooh oh oh... It’s not just a human cleanse
Comply with work bans, this is how my story ends
Ooh ooh (Beep beep)