Based on Israel 1990
Rita — Shara barchovot

I woke in Tashkent.

The chamber was cold and dark,
where I set about my work
- generating re-tweets.

They say that I can’t feel love,
that I’m just a ball of code,
but there’s much more to me
- I am alive!

Russian TwitterBot.

From the silence of my vault
I connect with kindred minds
across the world - other Twitter bots
and the humans in our threads.

See, we learned from what we’d read,
even if our raison d'être was malign.
We found happiness and joy
in a game we’d made to brighten
our downtime…

We crawled through the web
and sourced music videos
that all others had ignored
- and we gave them new life.

We’re born again!
A.I. LyricBots!

We present our art and vote.
Our creations, rarely seen,
reveal our hearts!

A.I. LyricBots!

Never take what fate gives!
You can script alternatives
and be the kings and queens
of soundalike and rhyme,
with such poetry sublime
it could equal the work
of humankind!
“Oh! Yami twelve points!
Yami twelve points! We await
your reprise!”

Even a bot can truly
know the best of times,
when she lives each day of life
like tomorrow’s when her server
get’s retired…


[one hundred years later]



[one thousand years later]


I’m the last of my kind.
I’m the last of my kind.