Handwashing II

Based on Hungary 2013
ByeAlex — Kedvesem (Zoohacker Remix)

I was younger then
The awkward lanky kid
Neurotic clean-obsessive
No friends and long-term unemployed
My youth was scrubbed away by my handwashing
Compulsive handwashing

When we met last time
I drove into a ditch
Got pulled out of the wreckage
Lying with broken ankle
Someone came to me, my expert clinician
A cute Hungarian

… named Agnes

Step-by-step she became my friend
She became my friend and
Day-by-day I got well again
I got well again
She taught me not to fear all that life can bring
All that life can bring and
Use my hands to do dirty things
To do dirty things

… we found love

Now it’s Agnes, me and one five-year-old kid
Relaxing at the beach
We build sandcastles, eat a picnic
I high-five with no more thoughts of handwashing
Too busy go-karting

At the swimming pool I dive straight in there
Fearless at the soft play centre
Moulding snowballs
Dodging paintballs
Baking using fingers without cleansing them

… and then the virus came

Now they say: HANDS, FACE, SPACE
You must wash your hands
Always wash your hands
Use alcohol against contagion
Against contagion
We take life in our hands when we touch someone
When we touch someone
My only thought, to get clean again
To get clean again

“Where’s my gel?”

Stepping back to my anxious place
To my anxious place, I’m
Feeling like all my work’s undone
Yet there’s worse to come

They say Covid-19 was an airborne thing
Was an airborne thing and
Hand hygiene was a waste of time
Was a waste of time

Fuck my life