HA, HA, HA!!

Based on Spain 1968
Massiel — La la la

I love to laugh
He, he, hee, ha, ha, haa,
To laugh out loud

You see me laughing at you
But don’t you think I’m rude
And don’t get angry dear,
No, it’s just my usual mood…
You may think I’m loony, yes,
I’m not, but I go on,
Can’t stop… and when they see this
People turn and say “Adios!”

Then when I text all is R.O.F.L.,
L.M.A.O., L.O.L…...

The doctors say I might have P.B.A.
(that’s pseudobulbar affect)

I can’t control my laughter…
Is there something in my brain?
I giggle without reason…
That’s a thing I can’t explain.
I hear a “Buen dia” and I,
I’m on the floor
And laughing, oh, so hard, I...
Well I peed... (need a new thong)

Your cat just died? Sorry, I’m cracking up
Cackling so hard, I can’t stoooop

You crashed your car? That’s so hi-la-ri-ous
Tears overflow from my eyeeees…

But then, voilà! There’s a thing I found out
I can’t believe… I mean… Whaaaat???

Damn! Who filled my hairspray with laughing gas???
You think it’s funny, you ass...


*jódete [hoh-deh-teh]: let’s laugh together