Sure Jan

Based on Moldova 2021
Natalia Gordienko — Sugar

I can’t explain if there was something going on
Filip Kirkorov had control of me
Always made certain that I never heard a word
Or saw behind closed doors

I never heard nobody talk at all
Of jury points or money
And that’s the reason I’m so sure
That ESC was a fair fight

All over Europa I showed the juries what I do
“Moldova! Moldova! We love her! Douze points!”

What’s with the bitching that our televote was fake?
Rest assured it’s all lies

It’s clear that everybody loved my song
In Portugal, France and Greece
Sammarinese, Serbs and more
I even made the Baltics’ night

All over Europa, at home the viewers were sold too
“Moldova! Moldova! We love her! Douze points!”

And as for rumours that the vocals were all messed about…
Well, that bit’s true… Just watch it back, you’ll see I barely sung
Back track and harmonies did all the work for me
So when my microphone went south I thought I was done!

I felt it slipping, Betty Boo-hoo moment comin’
Oh no!

(All me)