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Based on Austria 2021
Vincent Bueno — Amen

My looks are blessed
They are better than the average guy
But I detest
When I’m there, each girl passes by

No it couldn’t be my personality
Maybe women have no taste

But gay men, gay men
I can always catch them staring
At my regal bearing
Gay men, gay men
At the pool they’re always leering
Shirt’s off, and they’re cheering
Gay men

Now you should know that I’m not gay, but I could learn
Now I bet, it’s the truth
I’ll sell myself, think of the cash I’ll earn!

Gonna set up my webcam, take off my clothes
Gonna give them all a show

So gay men, gay men
Wanna see a straight guy jerking?
Watch it while you’re working
Gay men, gay men
I’ll do anything you want me
Just give me your money

As the cash rolls in I’ll even take requests
Not that
Not that
That I could do
Making my channel a success

Now gay men, gay men
Here’s a special one just for you
See a straight guy can suck cock too!
Gay men, gay men, yeah
Watch me lose my inhibitions
Getting fucked in wild positions
Gay men