ESC-Style Voting Assistant

Based on Croatia 1994
Tony Cetinski — Nek' ti bude ljubav sva

Just today I’ve voted seven times
Three on random songs, the rest in PerBjo’s annual poll
Office day, on the old work PC
I got to rank them all and move them round, ooh, so much fun!

Now on the tram home, any brand new polls? No…
Then I see what I’ve done. Whoa!
It seems I skipped Round 3, and the deadline’s looming
But I’m on my smartphone! Help!

How to use ESC-SVA? (SVA)
It isn’t working on my phone
And desktop mode (desktop mode) doesn’t seem to help at all. Aargh!
So I can’t vote in Great ESC? Nooo!
But I’ll miss Round 3! Ohhh :(

Scrabbles to find a solution, checks the MB for advice

Copy-paste?! (copy-paste) I don’t have time to waste! (time to waste)
Worse than waiting for STIMULATOR!!?!? every year

Please enhance ESC-SVA! (SVA)
Get it to work on mobile phones
And may I ask (may I ask), given what needs voting on:

Why there’s no ALC-SVA?! (SVA)
It would make voting easier – far!
’Cept for skipping seven, five and three, so…
Melfest voting, see?


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