Based on Albania 2018
Eugent Bushpepa — Mall

One pretty charming hombre's tapped
Enticing looks, muscled, can travel tonight, huge dick
That's a great sign

His profile, hottest that I could see
Won't push off the bed for eating crisps on my sheets
Reasonably, that's not a risk I'd foresee
Must yell what happened then:

What have I done, I've let in a fraud
Opens a bag in front of my eyes
Lay's Super Chips, and begins to dine

I'm more than annoyed
My sheets are destroyed
Solution is one I cannot avoid
No other choice but to push him off

Do you recall I went once
For swim and tan
Home later noticed my toes had dragged the shore
The bed's full of sand

Tormented much more by crumbs while he's falling
Those are the source of nightmares and ants in beeeeeeuuugh
Semen on sheets, hand-washing cleans it with ease
Sweat can be just Febrezed
But my old washing machine

Two metre fall
My bed is quite tall
Smash-landed on my pet porcupine
There was no chance
To survive that plunge

He's down on the floor
Unconscious and cold
But who will help now
And change bed clothes?
Doing those chores drives me up the wall

Bed's all soiled