Big Bad Dong

Based on Netherlands 1975
Teach-In — Ding-a-dong

When they're squealing all night, everything is not right
That's the time of year when men play with their balls
There can be some big ones, then there are some small ones
And, if he prefers, there are odd-shaped ones

Stare at balls every evening, nothing intervening
Even when it ends in a nil-nil dud
Bouncy balls when it's tennis, still it makes me grimace
Leaving me alone, he gets drunk, drunk, drunk
Win, lose or draw

When he's watching rugger, I should scream "Oh bugger!"
Every sporting contest sure drags on and on
And it makes me grumpy, lacking rumpy-pumpy
So I'll sing a song 'bout his Big Bad Dong

Schwing his dong is my leisure, riding it a pleasure
Mainly in off-season we bonk, bonk, bonk
Bat and ball often tempt him, baseball maybe cricket
Soon it gets me starting to long, long, long
For Big Bad Dong

{Getty shares some dick pics}
(Big Bad Dong)
(Bigger Bad Dong??)

When you see his erection, it will astound
May cause fears if you're young or a virgin
Now I smile while I lay back to...
(Think dong! Think dong!)

Big Bad Dong brings me joy, top to bottom
Even one or two men know too-ooo-oooo

Wow it leaves me quaking, somewhat slightly aching
As he slips and slides through my deep lady cave
There can be no joking for there's risk of choking
When he probes a gob with his Big Bad Dong

Sure, his dong can be chafing when he goes a-raping
Where before he never has gone gone gone
Night or day hanky-panky, never you'll be cranky
Ecstasy is certain with Big Bad Dong

Very soon I'll go munchin' on his chunky truncheon
Footy's over! It's time for dong, dong dong

{Getty mislays Mike, her lover}

Where's he gone? What’s he watching? God, no it's Olympics
Meaning just one thing to be done, done, done
Think Big Bad Dong!