Ask Sarah’le

Based on Israel 1993
Lahakat Shiru — Shiru


"Sarah'le, I'm sad, I beg you to help me
My marriage is bad, but I love my hubby
He gets home from work very late
His dinner gets cold, which I hate!
Does he even care at all?
It's like we're in free fall"
- Susanna, 46

Dear Susanna, I know what to do
It is simple, I just want you to
Take a chance, don't always do the same
You might just need to up your game
'Cause a marriage, well it can grow stale
When he gets home simply change the tale
On your knees for what he can't reject!
Now that's something he won't expect


"Sarah'le I did as you told me to do
So I got on my knees and I did the deed too
But it did not change anything
I think that he has got a fling
Could "work" really be a "friend"?
Oh will this ever end!?"
- Susanna, 46

Dear Susanna, I am sad to hear
But don't worry, now you listen here
Hun, I know just what you need to do
It is simple, you'll like it too
Try "the backdoor", let him take control
Don't forget lube, and be rock'n'roll
Just enjoy it, don't be such a prude
I look forward to hear from you


"Sarah'le, again, I did just as you said
So when Gary came home, I was ready in bed
On all fours and ready to go
I felt like such a slutty ho
But then he went to Bonn
"A business trip" with John"
- Susanna, 46

Dear Susanna, now that makes me sad
You did all that, and it's still so bad
But there's something that you can do, hun
It is simple, ah yes it is... Yes it is!
Tell your husband to invite this John
Have a threesome, it's a lot of fun
Let them take turns, let them plow your buns
And if they just want you to watch?
Well Susanna, just enjoy!