Based on France 1971
Serge Lama — Un jardin sur la terre

It’s nearly half past twelve, stomach’s starting to yell
Don’t feel I can eat with the others in the bistro
Colleagues think I’m strange, and not suitably French
I often go outside and just sit on a bench

I don’t like four-course meals, it all takes far too long
A simple pleasure’s all I require to munch on

Time for lunch and I swear, oh, you can keep your posh food
To be honest, a lovely big sandwich would do
Stuffed with ham and gruyère, or a plain jambon beurre
It is fast, and it’s food, and it’s what I prefer

A bacon and egg roll, now that would be sweet
On wholegrain or a bun, makes the epicures weep
Slice of lamb, better rarer, on a toasted baguette
No bad sandwich on Earth I have eaten as yet

Of course, my lunches are sometimes plain as you see
Important to avoid excess monotony,
So I mix it around, different fillings inside
Experimental types I decided to try

They may seem slightly weirder, you may say they’re sick and wrong
But if you persevere, you’ll find the right one

Deep fried jam, pickled pear, that’s a good one of mine
Juice of four moldy cherries, and eat it with wine
Melt an old Camembert, add tomato and stir
And pour on a cupful of banana liqueur

Don’t eat those in sandwiches separately
Just mix it together and spread liberally
But at Subway today, everyone shouted “bleurgh!”
When they tried my new sandwich with hair.